Why Light Feather Studios?

Here at Light Feather Studios, we always believe that each individual shooting experience be it photo or video should be fun, memorable and most importantly, lasting. We also believe that it should be a very personal thing (especially to wedding couples). So in accordance in that, we want to get to know you(yes you) our clients and friends to be so we can make this experience the best for you.

All right, sounds good, “How Do I secure a shooting date with you?”

Simple, a 50% non-refundable fee is to be paid up-front upon booking. the remaining 50% is to be paid once the shoot is complete.

Can I secure a date which is a year in advance?

Sure thing! believe it or not we have couples who secured our services (with our principal shooters) 14 months before the actual shoot!

My wedding event is at an out of state location (Georgetown,Penang Island), are there additional surcharges?

Yes, purely for the reason that we need to travel to your said location with our equipment and fuel and toll fee charges will be applied, the price of the Off-site costs varies how far within Malaysia and if there is a need for overnight accommodation. If there is a need for so, the costs of the hotel will be shouldered by the couple.

I have a wedding at an oversea location, do you guys travel to shoot there?

Of course we do! But do understand that basic costings such as accommodation, transport, and food are to be shouldered by the couple. When we say that, we dont expect a first class flight, a fancy posh hotel or a limo escort! Something that will ensure our team’s basic comfort and gear security so we will be able to deliver our work efficiently to you! Please do take note that this does not include the professional fee.

I notice you mentioned cinematic highlights video and journalistic video in the quotes, what do these mean?

Cinematic highlights video are the ones you see uploaded into our facebook page, portfolio page, youtube and vimeo pages, which normally span from 2 minutes-7 minutes. Whereas, our journalistic video is a pile up of all the shots we have taken for you on the day, amounting to usually 50 minutes – 1:30 minutes.(with the dedicated journalistic shooter, results may be up to 3 hours in total in HD or non HD)

Also, what’s all the Same Day Edit (SDE) fuss about?

Oh, that’s a service we charge for editting what unfolds during the ceremony in the morning to be shown in time for your dinner banquet. It’s sure to keep both you and your guests entertained! Though a minimum of 5 hours is required for our editors to get the job done and there are terms and conditions to wether or not we can apply this service.

Hmm, Must I only pay in cash?

Oh of course not, you can choose to pay by either,A bank transfer, Cheque and of course, Cash.

How many hours are your team going to work for us on the event date?

That depends, on which package you decide to take upon! By general rule of thumb we normally offer the standard 10 hours coverage.

Sounds great! So now that the shoot is done, when can I expect my product to be delivered?

Oh, this one is something we strive to give our clients and couples our best work without compromising our quality! Therefore, we do ask for a minimum of 4 weeks up to 8 weeks after the date of shoot. But if we ever get it done earlier, we will definitely drop you a mail/give you a call! In events you take up our same day edit video or slideshow, you could keep the copy immediately after the event!

What can I expect from my finished product?

For Pre-wedding packages, it varies according to the package you chose.

If you’re signing up with us for the Actual Day Photography packages, expect up to approximately 400-800(full day) edited high-res photographs;

If it is Cinematography, rest assured, we work mainly with HDSLRs so expect your cinematography video to be crisp clear. ( Of course, to obtain the file itself, there is a HD version package we offer to give as a file or Blu Ray format. or you could simply view your HD video highlights on our vimeo or youtube! )

need to know this, how do you package our DVDs? It has to be something better than transparent plastic covers

Rest assured, kindly refer to thin link to take a look at our customized packaging. https://www.lightfeatherstudios.com/dvdalbum/

Everything checks out! But there are some more things that I thought I should know, Must I really provide you and your team meals during the dinner banquet shoot?

Well, I wouldn’t say MUST, but then again, it will be AWESOME if you were to do so! No it doesn’t have to be a posh 8 course meal at the venue. Hotels do provide vendor meals to us(vendors meaning, decorators, event planners, emcees, performers) or if the venue is not a hotel, a simple packed dinner would do us good!

I notice you and your team don’t shoot much candids of our guests during the banquet or encourage them to do Group Photos at per table, why is that?

Simple, we believe it is very rude to interrupt your esteemed guests while they’re enjoying your hard-worked-for menu that you’ve come up for them! But when the bride and groom moves table to table, Im pretty sure your guests will gladly stop and take a nice commemorative photo with you! That’s where we come in!

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