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Artistic, gorgeous wedding photos. Full of color, vibrancy, life and laughter. Wedding photography is a unique blend of fine art and photojournalism. With Light Feather Studios, our wedding photographer Penang service will provide you with the most stunning wedding photos for your day of bliss.

Based in Penang, Malaysia, Light Feather Studios is an innovative company that specializes in providing wedding photography Penang service to couples looking for professional wedding photographers and videographers for their special day.

Pre-Wedding Photography Penang Service

We offer pre wedding photography Penang service where we take engagement portraits and proposal shots leading up to your wedding day.

A pre-wedding shoot is often referred to as an engagement shoot. It's a photo shoot that usually takes place 3 to 6 months prior to the wedding day.

Our team love working with creative couples who want something a little different for their pre wedding photography shoot.

Some prefer to have it done locally while others want the proposal to happen in an exotic destination.

Our wedding and engagement photographer will be able to offer a range of creative ideas and locations to make that special day truly memorable.

Whether you prefer a full day coverage or half day coverage, our team is flexible enough to accommodate your request as we know that this is a once in a lifetime moment.

Actual Day Wedding Photography And Videography

Our professional wedding photographers and videographers will take the time to learn details about you and the special people in your lives so they can create a wedding cinematography Penang syle shot of them while capturing the spectrum of actual day wedding scenes and venue settings.

These include taking natural portraits, sweeping landscapes, sparkling interiors and elegant formal shots of the bride and groom with their respective family members.

Family photography services can be included especially for those with large families who are traveling all the way to attend the wedding. The actual day photography will also include shots with friends as well.

As the bride and groom, you'll have a very busy day and might miss some of the precious moments, the most touching reactions or humourous antics – but we won't.

Light Feather Studios is committed to ensuring that every special moment of your wedding is recorded in the wedding video production.

Our team of experienced wedding photographers and videographers are masters at capturing wedding shots that feel full of life making every wedding shoot look more fun than the last. We look for the kind of images that will make you smile or bring a tear to your eye.

Our Penang wedding photographers are known for paying special attention to lighting which will provide amazing photographic results that are vibrant, dramatic and highly saturated photos.

The best wedding photographer in Malaysia know how to make great use of natural lighting and settings to create artistic wedding day photography that tells a story about you, the bride and groom.

In addition to shooting family portraits and candids, the team can pull off richly styled shots that are posed, dynamic and brimming with emotion and humour.

Whether you're having a beach wedding or a black tie event, our team pride themselves on keeping up with the fast pace of the wedding.

Even if it's shot locally or in a different destination, your images will be up and ready as promised to be shown to your wedding guests.

Destination Wedding Photography

Traveling is not a problem with us as we love doing destination wedding photography around the region. Being a destination wedding photographer allows us to deliver both journalistic and artistic modern images combined with superb scenic views that tell the story of the wedding day.

Destination wedding photography will showcase elegant, natural and unique photography that is not your usual “wedding factory” photos that are stiff and posed.

Our wedding videographer Penang team have a knack for capturing fleeting moments and they specialize in gorgeous panoramic shots of both the wedding guests and the surrounding landscape.

Couples looking for wedding videographer Malaysia service want those that specialize in wedding videography with an extraordinary attention to detail in not missing a single important moment behind the video camera.

For the Light Feather Studios team, shooting weddings allow us to do what we love most – telling visual stories about people through a series of photos and videos.

Custom Wedding Photography Package

Clients looking for wedding cinematography Malaysia style for their wedding will not be disappointed with our range of services.

Our Penang photographer package is completely customizable to meet your needs as we have some of the most amazing wedding photographers in Malaysia.

We look forward to creating a custom wedding photography package for you and your family as you celebrate this important milestone in your life with family and friends.

Hence our wedding photography and wedding videography Penang packages can be adjusted to accommodate every budget.

Whether you need extra wedding photographers for your wedding to shot simultaneous shots to having an amazing videographer for a wedding ceremony that is steeped in elaborate tradition, the team at Light Feather Studios are excited to be part of this amazing journey with you.

We are familiar with different types of wedding ceremonies and culture from Chinese to Indian and know how to capture the best of each.

Contact us for a quote as we look forward to customizing your wedding photography package to meet your needs.

Once we have completed the full coverage of your wedding, you will receive a full collection of your wedding photos and videos delivered on a thumbdrive with full image rights to share with your loved ones and friends.

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