Top Wedding Photographer In Penang

Find out why Light Feather Studios has consistently been voted one of the best wedding photographers in Penang and why all our clients gladly recommend their friends to us. Your wedding day is that "once in a lifetime experience". Don't just trust anyone to capture it.

Whether you're looking for an international wedding getaway, a grand 1,000 pax banquet or an intimate "close family and friends only" affair, we can help to capture this most special moment and turn it into a beautiful video for you to experience it again and again.

Best Wedding Cinematographer Penang

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Then video (moving pictures), must speak a million words. Let our team of professional and experienced videographers capture every single moment in vivid detail. Whether it's to capture that loving smile, the happy moments or the all important "first kiss", our cinematography experts will make sure your beautiful moment will be beautifully captured for you to relive.

Wedding Videography Penang

It takes two elements to capture the perfect video for your event. Experienced videographers / cinematographers and the proper equipment to do the job. Our professional videographers are highly experienced using a wide variety of equipment to ensure we capture things "just right". From drones to camera rigs and more, you can be sure our team has the right equipment to give you a unique perspective of your wedding. Contact us today and see why choosing Light Feather Studio will be the single best choice you make when planning your wedding.